fahne frankreich

Country of origin France


Mass and weights feminine masculine
Sacrum height (cm) ca. 131 ca. 140
Weight (kg) 675 - 750 900 - 1.100
Birth weight (kg) 34 36
210 days weight (kg) 230 250
365 days weight (kg) 320 370
Daily weight gain in
young bulls (g)
- 1.150



Hair covering is red-braun with possible patches from white-yellow to grey-white. The coloring gets darker on shoulders and croup. This peculiarity is particularly noted with bulls whose forehand is almost black. Mucosae, tail tip, hooves, horn tops as well as ear tips with hair are black. Horn bottom is light. By male cows the purse and tail brush are also black. Nasal mirror together with the edge of eyelids and eyelashes are black circled with white.



A cow is medium-sized with good basics. Limbs are short and fine. Hooves are firm. The line of the back is straight, breast is common deep and lays on the ribs. The wide pelvis is distinct and proportionally long. Tailset is relative high. Tail is fine and long. Pelvis opening is big. Head has a square forehead ending with expressive short and wide nasal mirror. Ears are medium-sized and fine. Horns have regular angle, sidewards inclined at the bottom and form a beautiful lyre. Polled cows are genetically possible.



- extremely hardy
- good capacity for year-round loose housing
- all-sufficient, easy calving, good longevity, productive
- amiable