Blonde d’Aquitaine

   fahne frankreich

Country of origin France


Mass and weights feminine masculine
Sacrum height (cm) ca. 150 ca. 160
Weight (kg) 900 - 1.100 1.200 - 1.500
Birth weight (kg) 41 46
210 days weight (kg) - -
365 days weight (kg) - -
Daily weight gain in
young bulls (g)
- 1.400



solid from light-yellow to whites with lightening circles around eyes and nasal mirror; inner parts of limbs and underbelly is light; pink unpigmented mucosae; black hair and white patches are out of place; light, ivory horns with darker endings.



large, right-angled through distinct length of body and pelvis; well-proportioned limbs; fine skin, small head with wide forehead and expressed nasal mirror; triangular muzzle; medium-long slightly inclined sidewards lyre-type horns, horned or genetically polled; expressed musculature in all parts of hulk, especially back and veal part.


Hair covering:

shorthaired, straight



quiet, docile temper, easy calving, slender vital calves, high fattening rate, best quality of meat with scarce fat interlayers, thin meat fiber, reach meat yield, longevity, productive animals, good crossbreeding capacity with milk and beef breeds needed for veal production.